100% A / A* GCSE & A-Level Maths Grades

eliteAs thousands of students herd towards school to collect their A-Level results, Sati Kudhal celebrates the seventh year in a row that his company ELITE Tuition has achieved 100% Grade A pass rate.  Kudhal created ELITE Tuition in 2006, having worked as an educational psychologist for EdExcel and believing that all students taking GCSE and A Level Maths could get the A grade, with the right coaching.

After making an entire course of exam style worksheets, and working closely with the exam boards, Kudhal believes he has the winning formula.  ELITE Tuition has published a seventh consecutive year of every student achieving an A or A* Grade at A-Level Maths.  “With Top University spaces becoming more and more competitive, grade Bs and Cs are no longer enough.  There has never been a greater need for the A grade.  I wanted to create a tuition programme that would practically guarantee it.  I am so happy that it has worked so far.”

ELITE Tuition does not just stop there.  A student can also receive a free cognitive learning assessment to find out exactly how they learn, and the best ways to revise.  “We offer these assessments to all students, regardless of whether or not they wish to take our tuition” Kudhal says.  Students applying to Oxford or Cambridge also receive specialist coaching from ELITE Tuition on writing personal statements and interview techniques, all at no additional charge.

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