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itihass picWelcome to this interview with Gurpreet, who uses the 3rd Generation to sell on eBay, Amazon & his own website and manages up to 2,000 orders a week with zero commissions paid to software providers.

In this Podcast, hear from Gurpreet and see how he started his business almost by accident, listed an item and had to deal with 200 orders the following Monday. Gurpreet is now on his 5th revision of his 3rd Generation software and now manages thousands of orders each month through his system.

Press Play below and listen in, the 3rd Generation is real.

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  • A fashion based business which is the most complicated categories to manage on the Marketplaces
  • Complex products with size, colour & multi-variation based products
  • Pays no-one any commissions on sales for software usage
  • Gurpreet uses Magento & M2E Pro
  • A true multi-channel business
  • Sells on eBay
  • Sells on Amazon
  • Their own Magento website
  • Working on a wholesale / Trade only site
  • Royal Mail DMO integrated into their system
  • What they need, they buy off the shelf or have developed for their own use. They’re completely free of restrictions & able to innovate.

We’re Going the Extra Mile For You!

In the Podcast Matt and Dave discuss two extensions available for Magento to help you manage your orders for easily by colour coding your orders (see here for a screenshot) and customised documents for pick, pack & despatch.

We loved the extensions, but we knew you needed more, so we contacted the developer, Jim (really cool chap, he’ll be on one of the next Podcasts) and have been working with him & his team directly to bring the extensions up to a level where we you know you need them to be. Colour coded orders, custom icons per order source and a flagging system to allow you to batch process your orders each day and manage customer service more easily. Oh and a traffic light system for stock level statuses.

Also mentioned in Podcast was Magmi. This is the best import tool for Magento which is free to use. However it’s not the simplest tool to use. So Matt has written a 4 stage installer script to make it as easy as possible (see here for a preview of this), plus we’re going even further by providing a user friendly “theme” to Magmi, so that it’s simple to use, the advanced options are tucked away safely and we’ll also be including same files and standard profiles for you to use to get started straight away (and of course the video guides too).

Sites/Links Mentioned in the Podcast

  • Gurpreet on LinkedIn
  • Free “Grids Extension” for Magento
  • Moogento – ShipEasy & PickPack (new website design coming for January launch of UnderstandingE)
  • PeopleVox
  • SimpleServers <=These are the hosting providers we’re suggesting. As we cover in the Podcast, you’ll need specialised hosting and you’ll find out why we’re suggesting these chaps very soon! (Hint: has something to do with word “Free”)
  • Evohosting <= Run by Tim, all 3 of us have used these chaps at some point.

Thank you to Understandinge.com for letting us use this interview.

Source: Understandinge.com

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