B2b price comparison at Telecoms Supermarket

Source: Matthew Campelli

Telecoms Supermarket became the UK’s first business telecoms price comparison website.

The company was started up a year ago by company director and founder Raman Chadha, a veteran of the UK telecoms industry with ‘more than 18 years experience’. Marketing manager Robert Singh said: ‘Our basic concept was moving telecoms sales into the 21st century. It’s good for the telecoms companies because it reduces the time they spend on the sales cycle, and it works for the end consumer because they don’t need to call ten companies and go through the same details over and over again.’

The ‘easy to use’ system gives real-time quotes to organisations looking for a number of telephony solutions, from business mobile, fixed-line and unified comms, to recorded call solutions, call centre solutions and predicted dialler. To get a quote, customers have to register on the website and enter their requirements, which will be sent to relevant companies. They will then be sent a selection of services and prices within four hours from which they can then make a choice.

Singh said: ‘It doesn’t work in the same way as other price comparison websites. For example, insurance comparison sites generate pre-fed quotes depending on the criteria of the customer. In our system someone from the telecoms company is sitting on the other end of the computer. They can see all the details the customer has entered in the requirement form and then they put together a quote for them.’

The website generates income through commission on sales. Singh said companies would not be charged ‘stupid money’ for leads, but to have a presence on Telecoms Supermarket they would have to pay a ‘small membership fee’, while commission would be paid on top for any sales they might make. He added: ‘It’s a very different, niche concept. The membership fee is to keep the platform live and to develop to support our partners. Then they will pay commission, but only if they sell.’

Singh said the ‘customer is king’ philosophy was what made the service so appealing. He revealed the website kept customer’s details ‘100% private’ and would only be divulged after they make contact with the company they choose. He described Telecoms Supermarket as an ‘introducer’, and once contact was made between customer and telecoms operator it would have no further involvement. He said: ‘We don’t bill anything; we don’t come in between anything once the customer is handed over.

‘This is absolutely the right time for our platform. The UK economy is improving and a lot of new businesses are opening. We’ll be putting a lot of effort into marketing and developing the service further.’

Source: Matthew Campelli