Britain elects first female Sikh MP

Making history (Picture: LabourList)

Making history (Picture: LabourList)

Source: Metro

Congratulations to Preet Kaur for becoming the first female Sikh MP to have been elected to parliament.

Preet Kaur Gill, 44, will represent Birmingham Edgbaston.

An ‘historic’ event in an election where Labour did much better than many had expected and its been heralded as ‘victory for Sikh representation in the UK parliament’.

With over 6,000 more votes than the Tories and some more good news from the Sikh community as American professor Simran Jeet Singh tweeted. ‘Inclusion and representation matter.’ Describing it as ‘a long overdue achievement for the Sikh community in England and an incredible step up for Sikh women everywhere!’