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NATASHA MUDHAR, YOUNG BRITISH – INDIAN ENTREPRENEUR & INTERNATIONAL CHANGE-MAKER AWARDED PRESTIGIOUS PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD AT THE SIKH AWARDS 2016 20th November 2016, London:   Natasha Mudhar, CEO and MD of the award winning UK and India based international business and brand
sukhi wahiwala

How Do I Get My Dream Business Started Today?

By Business Mentor Sukhi Wahiwala As a successful Serial Entrepreneur, In my early teens, I came up with my first business idea. It was essentially a Retail Store concept that would sell and install high end premium In-Car Electrical items into

Google Think

Google Think  is a place where leaders, experts and Google’s homegrown visionaries offer their insight and provide an outlook on what’s to come. – Think Insights – Google – Google’s source for insights, trends and research in digital marketing. Get

Business Networking for Entrepreneurs

The importance and value of business networking cannot be underestimated. Particularly when you are starting your business and want to increase awareness of your brand and services, it should form a key part of your marketing strategy.  I remember when I

How Can A Corporate ‘Give Back’ To It’s Working Environment & Increase Productivity?

Recently I was asked to give my view on a dilemma that is becoming more and more common place in the business world around corporate social responsibility.  How can a company be an investor in it’s people or it’s environment &

Not the 35$ Tablet Story

Suneet Singh Tuli is a visionary who heads the company that developed the worlds cheapest Tablet, that flaunts the ‘Made in India’ tag. Called Aakash (which means “Sky”), the Android tablet costs INR 1750, which converts to roughly about $35 (USD).

How to Profit From a Blog

Blogs can be for profit or non-profit but most bloggers blog for the purpose of making money. There may be some contents published to simply provide an outlet for voicing out the bloggersí opinions and share their thoughts. However, the general

Overseas Indians who are set to shine even more in 2013

Source : From international space stations to hotels in Alaska, people of Indian origin have made an impact in the unlikeliest of places. We tracked down those you are likely to hear more about in 2013: 1) Shalini Vadhera Celebrity

Sukhinder Singh Cassidy, JOYUS: SVB CEO Summit West 2012

Sukhinder addresses the challenges of how to scale yourself as CEO, and how to scale a team than can succeed and take acompany through multiple inflection points.

5 Key Strategies for the First 5 Years of Your Career

By Lesile Zalkis – Source Sukhinder Singh Cassidy has a career that many of us dream about. She’s been named to the Fortune’s Most Powerful Women list after serving as Google’s President of Asia-Pacific and Latin America, the CEO-in-Residence at