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TEDx – My near death experience unveiled the Secret of Daily Focus | Sukhi Wahiwala

In his talk Sukhi Wahiwala will reveal the “7 Steps Process” he took to take control of his mind to say “Goodbye” to wasted days. Sukhi harnesses the power of “Laser Like Focus”, which enabled him and will enable you, to

Preetinder Singh (Shredded Singh)

“How I entered to this fitness Line – In 2012 after completing my Master of Business Administration I started preparing for government exams. For the next one year I keep trying my best to qualify the govt. exam but all in

Romi Gill on Building a Business After the End of a Corporate Career

Romi Gill on Building a Business After the End of a Corporate Career with Ahmed Aibak If you have found yourself day dreaming about living that very dreams while sitting on the chair of your corporate job that you have grown

Berocca Chameleon dancing to Panjabi MC

Berocca Chameleon dancing to Panjabi MC – Be More Berocca Ad : Berocca Watch Roccy the Chameleon dance to Panjabi MC in Berocca’s new TV advert.

LAUNCH: ibookedin launch at Confex 2017

David McClelland gets a word in with Gee Mann from ibookedin about heir launch at Confex 2017! http://ibookedin.com

Sikh student wins Harvard speech tournament

Alexandra Wade, West Des Moines Community Schools Valley High School junior JJ Kapur was 2 years old when the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks happened. His family was watching the news when he thought he saw a picture of his father on


NATASHA MUDHAR, YOUNG BRITISH – INDIAN ENTREPRENEUR & INTERNATIONAL CHANGE-MAKER AWARDED PRESTIGIOUS PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD AT THE SIKH AWARDS 2016 20th November 2016, London:   Natasha Mudhar, CEO and MD of the award winning UK and India based international business and brand

A Sardar in Slovenia – Mehtab Singh

AT first glance of his business card you could be forgiven for thinking that he is called Marmorni Obok, which would be an unusual name for an Indian Sikh as it means “Marble Arch” in Slovene. In fact Mehtab Singh’s name
Singh has even appeared in YouTube videos with James Franco and Seth Rogen and made it onto the staple all-American late night talk show Jimmy Fallon Getty Images

Lilly Singh makes Youtuber millionaire’s club

Lilly Singh: How a 28-year old Canadian rapped and vlogged her way into the Youtuber millionaire’s club From initially making videos to help her depression, to now appearing on videos with Michelle Obama and James Franco, to becoming the highest-paid female

The Sikh Project Book

  Back the project on Kick Starter: The Sikh Project Book What began as a collection of thirty six photographs of British Sikh men, has evolved with the addition of thirty eight American Sikh men and women. As a result, what was The