Event: Project Life Vocational Accelerator 3D


The PROJECT LIFE Vocational Accelerator seminar is on the weekend of the 1st and 2nd of February!

During this intensive weekend seminar you will experience the program that has already transformed the lives and careers of professionals, entrepreneurs and students; increasing their levels of success while simultaneously reducing their levels of stress.

If you’re tired of being uninspired by your work and ready to create the life that you truly deserve while simultaneously making a difference to the world, then join us for a truly life changing weekend of discovery and action!

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Are you hoping that 2014 will be the year that you experience a drastic change for the better in your career, business or your studies? Do you feel that your true skills and talents are wasted in your current role? Are you dreaming of becoming your own boss but are uncertain of the best way to turn your talents into a viable career or business?

Then the Vocational Accelerator 3D is the intensive program for you.

Join Daljit on this two day intensive program and experience a unique and innovative methodology to:

  • Discover the perfectly tailored vocational path for you so that you can live your dreams through your work.
  • Learn the key concepts that will activate your untapped potential and enhance your energy levels
  • Get the strategic edge by creating a 5 year action plan to make your aspirations your reality
  • Increase success and reduce stress related to your career or our entrepreneurial journey.

This program has already transformed the lives of entrepreneurs, professionals and students. If you are ready for meaningful change, it could do the same for you!


Delegates will need to bring a Laptop or tablet with wifi capabilities

Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?

The workshop is suitable for attendees aged 16 and over

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

Please bring your printed ticket with you for registration at the beginning of the event

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Daljeet Singh is an author, coach and international speaker whose experience spans from the board room as an executive coach in global corporations to the classroom as a lecturer and facilitator. His “Vocational Accelerator 3D” process has transformed the lives of entrepreneurs, professionals and students by assisting them in experiencing greater success in their careers, vocational or academic, while simultaneously reducing the stress they previously associated with those areas of life. Daljeet’s belief that a clearly defined and authentic sense of purpose is essential for a fulfilling career is crystallised in his book “Project Life” (www.projectlifethebook.com). His “Project Life Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs Program” is now being run at a London college with a view to roll out the program internationally this year.

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