How Do I Keep Performing To The Best Of My ability?

Source: By Sukhi Wahiwala 

Just had an amazingly powerful phone meeting with Peter Doherty Editor Of the exclusive ‘ INTERNATIONAL LIFE’ Magazine. This is a publication that is delivered ONLY to the TRUE Millionaires and Billionaires of our World.

He was getting ready to travel to Monaco, when we started to Debate – ‘why it is that most UK Business Owners Find it hard to ask for HELP from Mentors and Business Coaches?’ As he has found that most SUCCESSFUL American Business owners take GREAT PRIDE in showing off their Private MENTORS!!

This is a very VALID point in my view, for example, ALL world class Athletes have a Coach to ENSURE that they perform to the PEAK of their ability. Hmm?… Is it just them who want to be the BEST they CAN? or is it that a vast majority of the Businesses that are not performing are MISSING a trick or two? You’ll find that virtually every MASSIVELY SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS or PERSON Always says that they were helped in the early days by a mentor figure or two who gave them SUPPORT and MOTIVATION to keep going THROUGH the TOUGH times and producing the best RESULTS they could!

Well,… This reminds me when i was watching TV only last week on a Cruise Liner, while i was Relaxing in the Luxury VIP Lounge traveling Back from a Business trip in Ireland ; where a British Athlete was answering a few questions just after QUALIFYING in a 1500m race, I remember him clearly telling the interviewing reporter that he ‘looks FORWARD to discussing the race in detail with his Personal Coach, SO he can create a plan to get the best of himself and perform at 100% in the next race!!’

Have you ever heard of any athlete getting to the TOP of their Game or Sport & being the best in the world without Having the SUPPORT of a PROFESSIONALLY trained Coach, Therapist or a Mentor?!! So why is it that so many businesses in the UK and the world over try to be the BEST and most PROFITABLE they CAN without having a Business Mentor or Coach?

I can clearly remember the Great Tony Robbins asking Michael Jordan why he was the BEST Basketball Player in the WORLD! And Michael saying he, ‘never tried to be the Best in the world, but SIMPLY the best he could be!’ hmmm… He then went on to say ‘ I have a STANDARD that I accept of myself, and I will NEVER expect less in any way’. WOW, So could it be a HIGHER personal standard that I need to look at to Create a long term and powerful motivation TOWARDS my DREAMS?

Is it really as EASY as just CREATING a NEW accepted higher STANDARD?? Well.. I believe this could be a very good START to creating this long term motivation toward EXCELLENCE! Looking back at My own Successful Business & Personal Life, I have always had a CLEAR view of my own ACCEPTED standard. This may have been different to the norm, but none-the-less, I felt I had a standard that I would never drop below.

I feel my secret was to THANKFULLY have my Parents (Mentors) and Siblings at hand; CARING & CHALLENGING me both CONCIOUSILY and UNCONCIOUSILY keeping me at the BEST of my ABILITY & ACCOUNTABILITY. This is why i so passionatly believe & warmly advise you to take responsible STEPS to CREATE The BEST you can in your life TODAY by finding an HONEST COACH and MENTOR that you can CONNECT DEEPLY with; who wants the Best for YOU in every way! This is A truly S I M P L E BLUEPRINT to Exponential GROWTH and SUCCESS! The LIVING LEGEND Warren Buffet said earlier today ‘that the best way to get through and combat inflation is to Maximize your income.’ Could this mean that we CAN Combat our own frustrations and constraints by FOCUSSING our MINDS on MAXIMIZING our OWN financial INCOMES?

So Why not try it? THIS may be the KEY to unlocking YOUR own SUCCESS!!

It Works for ALL the people who are performing at the TOP of their Game in every way!!! I HUMBLY & sincerely look forward to your CONTACT and If you feel that I could help YOU in any way along YOUR JOURNEY as your Coach, Therapist or Mentor to make it as POWERFUL and FUN as possible!

Please let me know your views on this article below, as I truly enjoy your positive feedback to my articles.

Onwards & Upwards!

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