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A true Corporate Mentalist, Author Jivi Saran uses insightful business strategy, her highly developed observational skills, and mental perception of thought processes for discerning the truth about an organizational team to gain powerful creativity, focus and productivity. She has an extraordinary mind for improving conditions across an organization and has developed some of the most sophisticated and powerful models of Leadership, Organizational Strategy and Mindset Improvement through her Corporate Soul program. Jivi Saran and her unique set of skills and offerings is changing the game for organizations around the world and is revolutionizing the way organisations create business strategy.

Heres what she shared with us when we asked her some questions:


1) What made you want to start your own business?

I had spent 30 years in Healthcare in various strategic leadership roles and 2 years ago found myself questioning, why is it that we don’t integrate spirituality (self-inquiry, self awareness, self-realization, self-actualization) into our business strategy. Albert Einstein said, “everything is energy” and yet we don’t nurture the people that work for us as energy beings. This began my mission of bridging the gap between spirituality and business strategy. If we nurture the individual they will inevitably nurture you business vision. I had been on spiritual journey myself of understanding the question who am I and what I bring to the world but more importantly how does that whole person show up work under all circumstances. Gone are the days when we are expected to leave our problems at home, rather they show up as stress, conflict and lack of efficiency or productivity. The results of my work had started to speak for itself, people exceeded goals by 30-40 percent, we had 100 retention rates, no stress leaves, people handled any challenge with ease and grace, no internal conflict and rarely was there gossip let alone having a toxic environment. This petrie dish of over 6years formed the foundation of the Corporate Mentalist and The Corporate Soul programs.

2) How did you come up with your idea?

I had an MBA specializing in leadership and a PhD in Spirituality so I started to integrate elements of  –Maslows Hierachy, The Chakra System, The Tree of Life, The Tarot and overlaid it with the key elements of Business Strategy-Vision, Mission, Milestones, Risk Factors, Contingency Plans etc. This gave birth to my Corporate Soul program, which is the best of both worlds. If the individuals on your team are meaningful and purposeful work with grace and ease, you get a certain level of passion that is beyond what one expects in exponential team performance.

3) What’s been the toughest part of the journey?

The toughest part of this journey is two fold-

  1. Getting people to understand that nurturing people as energy beings is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity. High stress leaves, increase in conflict in the workplace, people being overwhelmed and fatigued, all are simply symptoms of not having nurtured the individual.
  2. Educating people that spiritualty is NOT religion that it is the process of self-inquiry and how you are being present in the world. People tend to shy away from Corporate Spirituality at first until I start to explain that it is the immortal legacy of their business.

4) What are your fears?

I don’t really live in fear; I take bold steps each day to create big impact in the world. Everyday brings about its own challenges and obstacles and everyday I create solutions around those challenges. We are the creator of the challenge as well the solution to our own obstacle. Accountability for each action helps me embrace and dance with the fear if it every does arise.

5) What are your hopes? – with business? Or personal?

Again, I don’t have ‘hopes” I simply create action each day towards my vision. The word hope for me gives the indication that my destiny is in the hands of someone or something else. I am of the belief that I am the master creator of my own destiny. What I do hold in my heart is faith. Faith that each action or small step that I take towards my big bold vision for impact in the world that something will transpire from my effort.

6) How did you come up with your business plan?

I focused first on what I wanted to accomplish from a value perspective. Basically how does my services offering make the world a better place. “What’s important to me is impacting in a positive way the first 5 minutes when someone enters their home. If we create happier workplaces where people are doing meaningful and purposeful work with grace and ease. They come home happier and are better contributors to the community.”

Then I started to work backwards from the above perspective building my core beliefs as below. I have 5 core beliefs that about organizational performance that form the basis of highly productive, efficient and focused team. All 5 of these core beliefs come from a foundational value that all matter is energy which form the essence of my business plan.

  1. Nurture the individual and they will perform at maximum potential most of time well beyond what they thought possible for themselves.
  2. There are hidden treasures of strengths in team members that you may not know about unless you have frequent conversations with your team on a more personal level
  3. Your corporate culture is based on what people say about your leadership or business at the dining table to their family. You should be aware of what people say about you through frequently hearing their stories.
  4. Every story that your teams tell about you is a reflection of what goes in your business, what you do, how you do it and with what resources it is completed.
  5. If all matter is energy, then each person that touches your organization, is an energy being so when this energy comes it forms a collective energy that is the Soul of the organization. The immortal legacy of your leadership and your business.

Once you have these in place- you can start to build your vision, mission, purpose and key milestones. You must know first what you are working towards so that your journey map takes you to where you want to go.

7) How have you financed the business?

From my personal savings and RRSPs and a family loan.

pastedGraphic.png What do your family and friends think of it?

They are very excited and proud of my accomplishments. They will often say to me, “your living the dream” or “ I wish I had made those choices when I was younger”.

9) What sacrifices have you had to make to get to where you are right now?

I have had to work extremely hard to accomplish what I have achieved, which is, an excellent standing in the world of Entrepreneurship. In the beginning, I have had to sacrifice time with family and friends, work life balance and sometimes even my own self-care. Two years later however, I can now reap the benefits as I own my time and am not shackled to a time clock, I have flexibility and autonomy in my work and can enjoy life from a new angle.

10) What are you proud of?

I am proud of the boldness, courage and acceptance I have had to show to get where I wanted in life. The most difficult thing in life is looking and reflecting at all the things that you have done and what role you played in them. I have had to dissect my entire life to learn from it and move forward in a kind and loving way. Ultimately, I am proud of the person I get to see in the mirror each morning because I know that person was the best person that I could have been given the circumstances of the day.

11) What are your tips for anyone wanting to start a business?

These three elements must be strong –

1. Financial Planning (you must understand the flow of incoming and outgoing sources of money)

2. Strategic Planning  (creating a strategy of how to approach your work externally and internally is vital to making your bold vision happen)

3. Logical Model  (Understand each element of your services and products- does your input of effort meet or exceed the output?)

12) What business advice could you share with the readers?

You are a reflection of your business so begin with knowing who you are first, then know your big impact in the world and last, know what bold steps you need to take to achieve it.  Ask yourself, what gives you the greatest joy and what ignites your internal flame.  Then clearly understand your client from their perspective, what is their greatest pain point and what do you have to offer them. Three critical connectors of your business are people; planning and processes, so ensure you know how each function with the other through communication channels. All in all, play the game strategically but have fun with it, life is not as serious as some of us think. You are your business.


Thank you Jivi, for sharing your insights we very much appriacte it. All the best.


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