Jay Singh Sohal

Jagjeet “Jay” Singh-Sohal is a journalist at Sky News, independent filmmaker and writer and a confident public speaker.

Jay’s journalism career began in 2000 when he started up a community youth magazine, funded by the Princes Trust.  As a student, Jay wrote for his University publication and was awarded the NUS/Daily Mirror Diversity Award in 2003.  Jay continued his writing efforts – working for college publications while studying in New York and Op-Ed pieces for organisations such as Fox News while working in Washington D.C.

His professional journalism career took off when selected for the prestigious ITV News Group Traineeship in 2006.  Jay was an ITV reporter (the first turbanned Sikh) at regional newsrooms including Central, West Country, Thames Valley; and worked on national programmes including GMTV and at ITN.

Jay left ITV in 2009 to set up ‘Dot Hyphen Productions’ to make independent productions and corporate films.  He has since written, produced and presented factual films for clients including the British Army and various corporate organisations.

His independent films include ‘Turbanology: After 7/7’ and the ‘Sikhs@War’ online series which all bring the Sikh story to mainstream audiences.  The “Turbanology” brand has since developed into a touring Arts Council exhibition.

As an expert in this field, Jay contributed to the BBC’s film “The Story of the Turban” in 2012.  He regularly appears in international media outlets talking about his independent work and raising awareness of Sikh identity.

Jay’s second book “Turbanology: Guide to Sikh Identity” will be published in January 2013.

In his day job, Jay is Producer at Sky News where he has worked in a dynamic and busy international news environment.  Jay has package produced stories ranging from the Arab Uprisings in 2011 through to the Diamond Jubilee celebrations in 2012.  He has made key executive decisions and regularly outputs live television news from the gallery during,  highlights being during the London Olympics and the shootings at a Gurdwara in Wisconsin.  He also writes for skynews.com.

Outside of the day job, Jay is an exciting event host and a confident public speaker, having hosted events for the British Army, the Prince’s Trust and Ernst & Young.

He has a passion for politics and takes great pride in serving his country in the Territorial Army.

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