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JusReignJasmeet Singh, a.k.a. Jus Reign, over the past 3 years, has become one of North America’s hottest sketch comedy YouTube Stars with over 16 million total upload video views (16,791,081 to be exact) currently averaging over 500,000 views per month. He is stepping on the ladder of being one of the most viewed Canadian comedians and is currently the 13th most all-Time viewed Comedian.

Jus Reign, from Guelph, ON, specializes in creating web content such as comedic skits, parodies, and re-enactments of everyday life in a Desi family in the form of online video and stand-up.

His passion for comedy and creating media content started at a young age, lying within the roots of making home videos and presenting standup to his close family and friends. With the creation of online media and the popularity of Youtube, Jus Reign took the opportunity to present his humor and talent in the summer of ’09 to a wide array of audiences through easily accessible online content.

According to his manager, Manny Brar, “The aim of Jus Reign’s comedy is not only put a smile on the faces of many, but to do it in a positive manner that promotes his rich culture, heritage and people, portraying the uniqueness of the strong values and beliefs of all Desi’s, Sikh’s, and Punjabi’s as a whole.”

Jus Reign also has a large following on Facebook (70k+) and Twitter (22K+) and has especially become popular among second generation Punjabi and Indian youth due to his portrayal of every day idiosyncrasies of household life among first generation immigrant families. The youth are able to relate to him and he has become a channel for them to communicate with their parents in a humorous manner without offending the cultural issues. As one Punjabi teen has put it, “he is very relatable.”

In addition, Jasmeet presents the prejudice Sikhs have faced due to their identity in a funny manner.

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