Khushwant Singh

khushwant-singhKhushwant Singh


Born on 11 July 1972, in a leading farming family of Punjab, Khushwant Singh developed writing as an alternate career at the age of twenty-four. He is the author of best-selling Sikhs Unlimited, a travelogue from UK to USA featuring extraordinary Sikhs and Turbaned Tornado, biography of Fauja Singh, the world’s oldest marathon runner.

His Sunday column, ‘Punjabi by Nature’ in The Hindustan Times on the passions, problems and idiosyncracies of the region, is widely read. An alumnus of St. John’s High School, Chandigarh and Department of Mass Communication, Punjab University, Khushwant Singh has also written for the Times of India, The Tribune, BBC Online and India Today.

His work on the Punjabis and Sikh diaspora abroad is used extensively as research material by western universities, thus earning him the title of being a chronichler of the Sikhs of the new century.

Khushwant Singh , presently stays in Chandigarh with his wife Harmala and son Adiraj.

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