Media Watch With Sati and Am

This week our guests are Am Golhar from FocusdPR and Sati Kudhal from elite Tuition.

The biggest news headline is about Harvey Weinstein – allegations of improper behaviour have been in the press in the past and this week his company board sacked him.

Like in the case of Jimmy Saville and the terrible grooming cases up and down the country – young people and those aspiring to start new careers seem to be vulunerable targets. Why do you feel victims find it hard to press charges? Or, do they risk their future career and have a terrible sense of being trapped by someone that has more power?

In other news:

Is the Ofsted boss saying testing is bad?
No. She says: “Testing in school clearly has value.”
However, she is encouraging schools in England to focus less on drilling pupils through past papers and more on widening their knowledge and horizons.
“The regular taking of test papers does little to increase a child’s ability to comprehend,” she says.
“A much better use of time is to teach and help children to read and read more.”

We also delved into our guests careers and what drives them to do what they do – aka sharing the passion for starting their enterprises.

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