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Geeta Sidhu-Robb, Founder, Nosh Detox: Delivering Vogue’s “Best Detox” & Achieving 300% Growth!

Geeta talks about the marketing strategy which has proved most effective for her business; her top tip for balancing motherhood with a career; and the one thing she’d like to get off her chest about entrepreneurship.

TNW: How did you come up with the idea for Nosh Detox and then arrive at the decision to turn your idea into a reality?

GSR: My son was allergic to his vaccinations and developed food allergies, eczema, asthma. 

I was working as a corporate lawyer at the time and had just entered British politics.  I gave it up to look after him and try and find solutions to help him as there were none available at that time.

TNW: What makes your company different from your competitors?

GSR: All our food is dairy and gluten free.  All our food is sourced every day at market and cooked daily and is seasonal.  We never rotate menus as it enables bulk buying of food – we would rather make less profit and provide more nutritious, fresh food.

This also enables us to create specific menus for specific health problems as their nutritional requirements can be very different.  For example, we are the only company in the world that does our Sugar, Fat and Yeast free menu with the supplements and that menu has no starch for week 1; whereas our Hypothyroid support menu is totally different.

TNW: What is your business model?

GSR: We are a limited company registered in the UK.

TNW: When you built your team, what are the key qualities you looked for to ensure the success of your business?

GSR: Well initially I have to say that it was just how cheap everyone was!  It was terrifying to start with.  Now we are bigger, I choose people based on their ability to accept change, be flexible, look to the root of a problem to identify it and never ever pass the buck. 

Intelligent flexibility outperforms many other skills in a growing business.

TNW: Who were your first customers and how hard was it to attract them?

GSR: People I knew!  Mothers from school initially and their friends.  I had some of my friends have lunches for me and invite other women there so I could talk to them about Nosh.  It was easy to get the initial clients, it got harder in year 2.

TNW: Who are your customers and partners now?

GSR: Our customers now are 90% women 10% men.  Primarily professionals, mothers and other women who just don’t have the time to look after themselves.  The age group is between 25 to 47.

TNW: What is your marketing strategy and what has been the most effective source of new customers so far?

GSR: We use any and all channels of marketing.  Its something that as a company we pride ourselves on being very pro-active at.  We use a lot of digital marketing, segmentation, lead generation and opt-in pages.

The most successful technique we used last year to increase our list size was to work with Groupon.  It really enabled us to get our message across to a wide variety of people and to build our lists.  And to experiment with new ideas.

TNW: What is next for your company?

GSR: We are introducing a retail range to go into supermarkets later this year. 

Within nosh detox we want to create a better model to ‘coach’ people to health and wellness.

TNW: What lessons have you taken from your successes &/or failures?

Never give up. Ever.  No-one fails, they just stop trying.

Also, make decisions quickly and change your mind slowly.

TNW: Do you have any tips or any advice for women who are thinking about becoming entrepreneurs?

GSR: Learn what you are good at, and what you are bad at.  Also invest in yourself all the time.

TNW: What is your top tip for balancing motherhood with a career?

My top tip is to include the kids in everything I do.  They help me make all my decsions. 

Also I will work from home as long as its possible for me to do so.  I really want to be home when the kids get back from school.

TNW: Do you lie awake at night sometimes thinking about the company? What aspects of it specifically keep you awake?

GSR: ALL THE TIME!! How I can do everything better!  Your list is never done, and you never do enough.

TNW: If you could get on a soap box and get something off your chest about the world of entrepreneurship, something you’d like to change, what would it be?

People need to understand that they need to LEARN entrepreneurship – and spend time and effort doing that.

TNW: Is there anything we haven’t asked you, but you’d like to share with our readers?

GSR: I love my life and consider myself very privileged to do what I do.  I am truly blessed.

Source – The next Women