Param Singh

Param holds a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering from Sheffield University. He started his graduate career as a Management Consultant and has worked for a number of companies including the Ford Motor Company, Rolls-Royce, Sainsbury’s and Accenture and now works as an Internet Entrepreneur and Communications Director at City Sikhs. His commercial skills includes project management, financial modelling and out of the box thinking.

Param is very passionate about health, personal well being and the balance of humanity with mother earth and her resources and so is a regular practitioner of veganism, water consciousness, chi gung, feng shui, pranayam and the Japji Sahib meditation. He also enjoys learning about spirituality, world religions, self healing, yoga, dancing and takes a keen interest in Buddhism, Hinduism and Sikhism. He is a frequent visitor to various self improvement, yoga and spiritual festivals in various parts of the world.

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