Raisa Cheema

tumblr_mo57uhjb8A1s9pskxo10_500Raisa Cheema, blogger, visionary entrepreneur, motivator, dreamer and has a PHD in the university of Life; is a simple girl with a vision. It had been brought to her attention to take things under her wings and to challenge the perceptions people have created from fear from life experiences, and help pursue others in their dreams and show love and understanding in humanity.

The website RaisaCheema.com has been created to enable people to view the world as Raisa does, with tips on love, lifestyle, food and much more. As her sister youtube channel is parallel  to this blog with topics of discussion enabling people to  teach as well as learn alongside everyone.

She has dedicated herself to challenge the issues first hard in society and out by motivating individuals one by one to help them create the ideal mindset for themselves. And to learn as well as to understand themselves and others better.

Raisa, is creating her Internet presence fast, she has interviews lined up with many celebrities but also with underground superstars that have so much potential. The interviews and blog pieces are to show a different view point on the topical issues, such as bullying, challenges in life and recipes for success etc.

Furthermore a beauty and fashion lookbook has been created known as Kimberley’s Kloset,(KimberleysKloset.com)  a brand origins from Raisa’s middle name and moreover is under way to create many fashion pieces to develop into a clothing line store.

Raisa shows integrity in her belief that anything is possible and to be the living example of your beliefs and core values is most empowering for oneself and for others.

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