Reuben Singh

Reuben Singh, (born 20 September 1976, Manchester, England), is a British entrepreneur, most famous for his Miss Attitude and alldaypa companies, and more recently for controversy surrounding his wealth and dealings.

Reuben Singh was born into a wealthy family who ran a large Manchester wholesaler, Sabco, and had business interests in Canada. They came to England in the 1970s and had a family home in Poynton, an affluent village in Cheshire.

His first business, Miss Attitude, was a shop which sold girl’s accessories (such as hair clips, cosmetics, etc) which opened in 1995 in the Manchester Arndale Centre.

Almost overnight, dozens of stores opened up across the UK, and within a short space of time there were hundreds. He started to appear in the press with stories of this success. Early reports cited his wealth at around £10 million, all this while he was studying for his A-Levels at William Hulme’s Grammar School in Manchester.

In 1999, Miss Attitude was sold for a reported sum of £22 million pounds, bringing his wealth to around £45 million. The buyer later claimed that the actual sum was just £1 (see Financial Troubles).

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