Sandie Panesar

mangojooseSandie Panesar is the Creator of Mango Joose magazine.

A free online magazine that is created to inspire. It’s all about taking a fresh and fruity approach to life, honouring inspiring personalities who have gone through life with passion and dedication, it is about creative talents and how their originality is used to express their inner self, it’s about capturing those moments through sensational photography and funky design. Mango Joose also continues to highlight hidden talents / achievements through the ‘weekly talent alert’ which is launched every Friday.

Sandie believes “It is important to believe in yourself to express your hidden talents and take them to the next level.”

Sandie is also a Freelance Graphic Designer and runs IScream Cre8tive, she is currently involved in the creative design for the British Sikh Report, is a City Sikhs Ambassador and has her fingers dipped into a home baking business, IScream Cakes.

You can connect with Sandie via twitter @MangoJoose1 and Facebook

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