T S Madaan

TSMadaanT.S.Madaan is one of top Motivational Speakers in India, with an experience of 32 years. Smart, Suave and Charismatic, T.S.Madaan is endowed with penetrative mind, amazing spontaneity and clarity of thoughts. His sessions are designed to infuse tremendous dynamism and vigour into the participants, to help them grow personally and professionally. His specialisation is in Selling Skills viz. Prospecting, Cold Calling, Need Analysing, Closing Sales, Customer Care etc. and Life Skills viz. Human Relations, Behaviour, Self Confidence, Positive Thinking, Emotions (Anger, Grief, Sorrow, Fear, Frustration, Boredom etc.) Management, Stress Management, Time Management, Leadership etc. The Contents are designed as per your needs, interests, expectations and concerns. The various benefits to the companies / organisations are Enhanced Productivity, Performance, Commitment, Loyalty, Employee / Employer Relations, Team Work etc. and the benefits to the audience are Enhanced Family Happiness, Social Acceptability, Self-esteem, Patience, Tolerance etc. The results are noticeable immediately. The delivery style is Interactive, Entertaining and Powerful.

A regular blood donor (36 times till date), an actor, a singer and a painter, he is extremely popular amongst his audience. He has served various clubs and associations as President. He is noted for his distinct style of speech amongst various keynote speakers in India. He is often invited to participate in various TV talk shows on Anger Management, Doctor-Patient relations, Beyond Books, Personality Development etc. at NDTV Metronation TV, Pragya TV and other networks. He is also an author of motivational book ‘Asafalta ka Tyag’ (Sacrifice of failure). Born on 14 November, 1958 in a highly educated family, he himself has been trained by world’s best motivational speakers, Life Coaches, educators and motivators.

T.S.Madaan has been awarded with President of India Medal from Rashtrapati Sh.V.V.Giri, Udyog Rattan for his contribution in industrial growth of country, Certificate of Excellence in Management and Innovation and a number of other prestigious awards by Govt. and non Govt. bodies.

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