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sikhwomeninbusinessThis is a new initiative for 2014 due to a demand for articles and information specifically for women in business.

I know some may think ‘why do Sikh women need their own section and information specifically for them?!’. Well, in short because we do. The very limited research suggests that whilst Asian women are a growing group within the SME community, we continue to face the double barriers of discrimination based on race and gender and that drastically limits our potential.

Findings show that Total Entrepreneurial Activity (TEA) for Asian Women is higher than white women at 10.3% compared to 3.6% and Black Caribbean women at 10.5%. The most entrepreneurial female population is that of ‘Other Black’ at 29.9% of all women. ( GEM, London Business School 2004).

In addition, 46 % of Asian Women feel that ethnicity has strong negative impact on business compared to 80% of Black women and 46% Chinese women (Ethnic Minority Business Conference 2005)

I find myself asking the question why are other ethnic minority women – namely black women  – more likely to engage in entrepreneurial activity than Asian women when we face the same barriers around ethnicity and gender?

As Sikhs belonging to a faith that emphatically stresses the equality of both sexes we should ask ourselves the questions:

  • What are doing to support women who want to be entrepreneurs?
  • As a community are we a support or a hindrance?
  • Are the beliefs and values we grow up with a burden or asset?

I want to explore all this and more in this section!

I don’t believe enough attention has been focused on the contribution of Asian women to both entrepreneurship and the management of family businesses.  The scope of female entrepreneurship and the untapped potential that exists in the economy from this hugely entrepreneurial group is mostly invisible. There is a ‘silent strength’ that is not being fully engaged and utilised to the detriment of our Economy and these women.

In this section on Sikh Entrepreneur we want to explore:

  • What is holding women back and barriers can be overcome
  •  Personal stories of inspirational women who are on various stages of their entrepreneurial journey from start

ups, to established businesses looking to expand!

  • Tips and shortcuts to help you succeed
  • Information to help you with business planning and accessing finance
  • Articles on personal and professional development to help you grow your business but also you as a person!

So, as we start 2014 we look forward to growing this section with you – incorporating and reflecting your hopes, desires and plans for a successful year!

Stay tuned! Join us and spread the word!

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