Where does a Sikh buy his headwear…?


By Source: Plymouth Herald – By CARL EV

Where does a Sikh buy his headwear…? Plymouth councillor’s ‘Turban Outfitters’ gag is an internet hit

A PHOTOGRAPH tweeted by Plymouth city councillor Chaz Singh has gone viral on the internet.

The Drake Ward councillor was on a shopping trip in Exeter when he was snapped outside the Urban Outfitters clothing store.

Thousands of people have since shared the image of turban-wearing Cllr Singh holding up a ‘T’ sign to make the store look as though it is called ‘Turban Outfitters’.

People from all over the world have retweeted the photograph from their own twitter accounts as it proves to be an internet hit.

Chaz said: “It was the first Sunday where I had nothing in the diary so I said to my wife, let’s got to Exeter for a chill out day. We went by train and while we were there I thought I’d get some shoes.

“Then I just had one of those Eureka moments. I went into the store, asked for a pen and some paper and started to draw the T out.

“The credit for the picture should go to my wife, Sarah Kaur. She went into the nearby Burton’s store and asked to borrow a black marker pen to make the T clearer, then she took the photo at just the right angle.

“People were chuckling as they walked past. One guy realised what we were doing and said it was just amazing.

“It’s been on the LADbible and they’ve retweeted it about 5,000 times already and it’s have around 4,000 favourites.

“My daughter called me up to say the picture has gone viral. One guy who wears a turban tweeted it in Scotland and he contacted me to say people have been coming up to him asking if he knew me!

“It’s a bit of fun, but it’s also about being proud of who you are. This has taken the whole concept of the turban and humanised it.”

Chaz said it’s not been the first time he’s shown off his photographic “Turban warrior” skills.

He said: “A couple of months ago I stood next to a large Urban Splash sign at Royal William Yard and made the T shape with my arms.

“It’s fun, but I like highlighting the city of Plymouth because I’m proud of the place. It’s the first thing I say to new people – I’m Chaz Singh, from Plymouth.”

By Source: Plymouth Herald – By CARL EV

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