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Having role models can have the biggest influence on ones life. Unfortunately our fellow Sikhs don’t always have access to such role models. Help us create the biggest network of Sikh entrepreneurs, so we may recognise and promote such individuals who are actions takers and leaders in business and human potential to all sikhs.

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An entrepreneur – is an owner or manager of a business enterprise who makes money through risk and initiative. The term was originally a loanword from French and was first defined by the Irish-French economist Richard Cantillon. Entrepreneur in English is a term applied to a person who is willing to help launch a new venture or enterprise and accept full responsibility for the outcome. – Source Wikipedia

The Sikh Entrepreneur – Working smart (and hard) through social responsibility, honest and truthful living (kirat karni), whilst respecting diversity and other beliefs – all people are equal – no matter what your gender or skin color is, or how much money you have, or what you believe, or where you were born.

“There is no stigma in being financially successful, Prosperity does not take away from spiritual net worth. You can have both.” – Mr Khalsa