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Former Derbyshire Police chief holds inspirational conference

Source: derbytelegraph.co.uk A former police chief superintendent turned life coach is hoping to inspire others to make a positive change in 2019 at a conference in Derby today. Kul Mahay retired from the force in 2015 after spending 32 years with Derbyshire

Turbans And Tales – Photographs And Stories Showcase The Sikh Identity And Culture

Turbans And Tales  Photographs And Stories Showcase The Sikh Identity And Culture  In November(2018), Creative duo Amit and Naroop were one out of four speakers selected to talk at the community heritage project ‘Journey From Home’ event exploring experiences, feelings and

Pavan Dhanjal receives British Empire Medal for Services to Beauty

Pavan Dhanjal has been awarded a British Empire Medal for Services to Beauty, launching her Henna Bars across the UK and Internationally in renowned Department Stores. Pavan Dhanjal was born in East London to parents she adores, who instilled in her great ambition and an

How to Succeed as a Creative Entrepreneur and Artist with Humble The Poet and Lewis Howes

If you don’t know Humble, he’s a Canadian spoken word artist and music video creator. His poetry is so powerful, even Apple used it on their commercials. He opened up with me on this episode about how being from s Sikh
Sukhi Wahiwala

Business Leader And Mentor Receives ‘Highly Commended’ Award – Sukhi Wahiwala

Official Forbes Investment Judge, Business Leader And Mentor Receives ‘Highly Commended’ Award At The Nachural Entrepreneurship Awards On Friday 28th September, Sukhi Wahiwala, A Multi Award Winning Entrepreneur, Business Coach And Mentor, Official Forbes Investment Judge And TED Speaker Received The

How to Turn Depression Into Millions | Lilly Singh on Impact Theory

YouTube Superwoman Lilly Singh turned making videos to break out of her depression, into a million-dollar entertainment empire. After struggling to find her purpose, she found fulfillment in entertaining and educating as many people as possible sparking the insane work ethic

Will You Help Me End Violence?

Lilly Singhs first major initiative as a Unicef Global Goodwill Ambassador! She’s looking for help to spread the message. The Advert: Lilly Singh teams up with Childline India to help stop violence against children (UR 15s)

Inspired Dinner Club – Speaker: Shredded Singh

Guest speaker: Shredded Singh Vegetarian Body Builder /Fitness Model CONSISTENCY, PATIENCE, BELIEF & CONFIDENCE, Shredded Singh (Preetinder Singh) The Vegetarian Body Builder and Fitness Model All the Way From India http://www.inspireddinner.club – “Inspired Dinners Club” – Inspired Dinners, is an evening

When you stop playing the hero you can make lots of money

What I’m about to say might sound contradictory at first. And you might think I’m nuts. But stick with me… …I want you to not only accept, but embrace your weaknesses. That’s right – I’m not about to tell you that

Nachural Entrepreneurship Awards

Nachural Entrepreneurship Awards: Friday 24th November 2017 The inaugural Nachural Entrepreneurship Awards will recognise and reward the achievements of key individuals and organisations with the entrepreneurial mind set.  Cultivating the entrepreneurial spirit in this fast changing world drives economic growth and