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How to overcome depression?

 Satpal Singh of Nanak Naam speaks to Gurpreet Kaur about overcoming depression after her 15 year experience with depression medication and antidepressants. Gurpreet now works as a mentor to help others with positive mental health and spirituality. You can find

Communication skills for kids

Chairman of Sukhi Wahiwala Shares strategies with School kids on communication and body language.

Self and Communication for Teachers

Chairman of Sukhi Wahiwala Shares strategies with School Teachers on communication. Big Thank you to ​​​​Singh Sabha Southall Education Centre and host Tejinder Pal Singh

Interview with Ramnik Pal Singh Randhawa

A interview with Dr Ramnik Pal Singh Randhawa (CEO of Dharam Seva Records) discussing the personal relationship that can built with Gurbani in order to heal addictions.

The power of a Mentor

Sukhi Wahiwala talks about the power of a mentor for business growth. Follow Sukhi on twitter
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How Do I Get My Dream Business Started Today?

By Business Mentor Sukhi Wahiwala As a successful Serial Entrepreneur, In my early teens, I came up with my first business idea. It was essentially a Retail Store concept that would sell and install high end premium In-Car Electrical items into

Officially Sim on British Asian Podcast

Simran is a speaker, coach, mentor, poet amongst other things. He specialises in coaching and mentoring young people on leadership and mindset and speaks to audiences about all things personal development. He developed a passion for personal development from a very young

Rainu Legal Consultants

Raj and Nim Rainu are co-founders of Rainu Legal Consultants. As a young, dynamic husband and wife team, they have brought their professional skills together to provide a unique service in the UK specialising in Wills, Probate and Estate Planning. The