How to overcome depression?

Satpal Singh of Nanak Naam speaks to Gurpreet Kaur about overcoming depression after her 15 year experience with depression medication and antidepressants.

Gurpreet now works as a mentor to help others with positive mental health and spirituality. You can find out more at or contact her on Instagram: @Intuitive.Knowledge

This video talks about:

– what is depression
– depression symptoms and signs of depression
– cognitive behavioural therapy
– how to help someone with depression
– how to deal with depression
– how to overcome depression
– what not to say to someone with depression
– getting out of depression
– depression and spirituality

Nanak Naam believes everyone should know and experience spiritual bliss for themselves. Nanak Naam are on a mission to transform lives worldwide through Mantra-Mindfulness. Bhai Satpal Singh is a Sikh spiritual vlogger from the UK creating videos on meditation, mantra, mindfulness and spirituality based on non-duality.

A really good book we recommend at Sikh Entrepreneur is The upward Spiral –

Depression can feel like a downward spiral, pulling you into a vortex of sadness, fatigue, and apathy. In The Upward Spiral, neuroscientist Alex Korb demystifies the intricate brain processes that cause depression and offers a practical and effective approach to getting better. Based on the latest research in neuroscience, this book provides dozens of straightforward tips you can do every day to rewire your brain and create an upward spiral towards a happier, healthier life.

Whether you suffer from depression or just want a better understanding of the brain, this book offers an engaging and informative look at the neuroscience behind our emotions, thoughts, and actions. The truth is that there isn’t one big solution to depression, but there are numerous simple steps you can take to alter brain activity and chemistry. Some are as easy as relaxing certain muscles to reduce anxiety, or getting more sunlight to improve your mood. Small steps in the right direction can have profound effects—giving you the power to become your best self as you literally reshape your brain, one small change at a time.

A really good book we recommend at Sikh Entrepreneur is The upward Spiral –

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