Geeta Sidhu-Robb

Geeta Sidhu-Robb is a multi-award winning entrepreneur and founder of Nosh Detox, a company offering bespoke health packages and unique, natural health solutions to achieve optimal well-being.

Nosh Detox has been valued at £3 million with a £700,000 turnover in just its fourth year. The business grew 100% in 2009, 200% in 2010 and over 300% in 2011.

Geeta’s many accolades include:Exceptional Working Mother of the Year at the Everywoman Annual Conference (2008);Best Diet Delivery Zest Magazine (2009); Vogue Magazine’s ‘Best Detox’;Business Woman of The Yearat the World Sikh Awards (2011); and Best Detox in London; Evening Standard Magazine (2011).

Nosh Detox currently delivers nutritionally balanced, personalised meals straight to the doors of well heeled customers including Stella McCartney and Jefferson Hack. As the delivery service continues to grow, Geeta is set to launch a retail range of superfood & oxygen juices and salads using exclusive cold press technology which allows the food to retain enzymes and so its live nutrients.

After working as a corporate lawyer, Geeta moved into the nutritional arena when her baby son’s allergies and anaphylaxis, which saw him spend 240 days hospitalised in one year, became the impetus for the start of Nosh Detox. Frustrated by the medical industry’s failure to cure her son, she threw herself into researching the food we consume and its effect on the body, alternative therapies and healing. Using just these natural methods she completely cured her son’s allergies, reduced his asthma to an intermittent event … and Nosh Detox was born.

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Source – The Next Woman

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