Sikh Helpline

The “Sikh Help Line” is an initiative of the Sikh Naujawan Academy, UK.

sna logo The Naujawan Academy is made up of volunteers from all walks of life, many are children and students and just people who are interested in helping their community. These people donate their time and effort into helping young people progress in various ways. Many of our members are ex-students and youth who have had problems and want to help others who are going through similar problems.

The future success of our community depends on one precious resource – our children.

Why Setup the Helpline?

It’s the type of people we have a shortage of these days, because we are too busy sorting out our own lives. We need to help others who are in need and experiencing problems that either we were too lucky to face or we can share our experience and provide guidance to others. To live in today’s society is hard enough, but when there is no one to turn to for help…. that is soul destroying.

Over the years, Sikh youth have been experiencing a host of problems ranging from addictions to bullying in schools. The Sikh Naujawan Academy realised that there was a sharp increase as the next generation of Sikh youth failed to connect with their roots, so the organisation decided to Sikh Helpline Logosetup a Helpline where kids could phone and talk anonymously about any personal problems they might be having. The Sikh Help Line was established to address these pressing issues and there have been many success stories to date.

In addition to the Help Line, The Sikh Naujawan Academy organise various other activities.

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