Ian & Sukhi Talk About Services For Drug and Alcohol Addicts

Sober Services helps and provides addiction services for drug and alcohol addicts – Helping people attain and maintain recovery through professional services. ==> Sober Services

Sober Services is a results driven, London, UK based organisation working around the world, utilising a variety of techniques to help people attain and maintain permanent recovery from their addictions to drinking and drugging.

Sober Services are best known for their Sober Interventions – where we work with relevant family members and close friends to successfully motivate your loved one to take responsibility for their addiction and accept the help we’re offering – either through another Sober Service or by checking themselves into a residential facility.

Sober Services also have an outstanding reputation within the addiction treatment industry for their one-on-one ‘Sober Body-Guide‘ addiction treatment model, which uses one experienced Sober Body-Guide to assist the client in becoming alcohol and drug free, often including Sober Coaching and other therapeutic practices aimed at reducing the clients’ chances and reasons for continuing to drink or use.

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Ian has been nominated for Specialist Coach of the year and Transformational coach of the year at the APCTC awards.

(APCTC – The Association of Professional Coaches, Trainers and Consultants (http://www.apctc.com), was formed by some of the most well respected names in our industry to raise professional standards and increasing awareness of the coaching, training, consulting and speaking industries.)

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