How the Sikh Guru’s can change your life


In this self-published book, Amrik Singh discusses how the wisdom and philosophy of the Sikh Gurus can bring peace of mind, happiness and wealth to readers in the 21st century. Sikhism – the youngest world religion with thirty million followers – is founded on the little-known thoughts and writings of ten men. This book explains the power of their philosophy in a way that is easy to understand for followers of any or no religion.

It takes the reader on a journey of understanding to the solutions of three “riddles” set by the Sikh Gurus:

  • why do we perceive so many dualities (human / divine, evil / good, rich / poor) if in fact there are none?
  • how can we be expected to make moral choices in our actions if everything is pre-determined?
  • how can we be fully spiritual and yet immersed in the struggles of the world?

Thinking through these riddles and gaining insights on the way can lead to a deep sense of happiness, wealth and well-being.

Amrik Singh, the author and publisher of “How the Sikh Gurus Can Change Your Life,” says:

“The powerful philosophy of life put forward by the founders of the Sikh faith is hardly known in the Western world. Even among Sikhs, and particularly among the Sikh youth, the debates tend to be more about should you cut your hair, should you drink alcohol, should you be vegetarian. These are important questions but there is a whole deeper level of understanding in the Sikh scriptures and tradition that is as important.

This book is about the wisdom of a group of men who from 15th century Northern India founded a world religion but it is not about converting readers to their beliefs, or prescribing a lifestyle. It aims simply to make their wisdom known more widely and to share elements of their thinking that are profoundly helpful in bringing happiness to a complex world.”

How the Sikh Gurus Can Change Your Life is available in paperback or as an e-book

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