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Inspiration Bible: The Unseen Force Transforming Lives Worldwide is a powerful book devoted to uplifting humanity, one day at a time, from teenagers who are struggling to find themselves to adults with challenges to the elderly who are giving up on life. The Inspiration Bible is a much-needed beacon of love and wisdom to bring people through their darkest moments and raise them up to live the life they dream of.

Termed as “The Book That Keeps on Giving,” the Inspiration Bible has a unique philanthropic aspect to it:

For every copy of the book purchased, a second copy is given away for FREE to someone needing inspiration. –

This means the power is DOUBLED whenever someone buys the book, giving the gift of inspiration to thousands of people around the world – so that one more life is influenced, one more life is changed and one more dream is awakened.

Brought to life by Emily Gowor, the Inspiration Bible is compiled of one-page entries from 365 people from over 15 countries, each sharing a message that will inspire the reader. From life wisdom to stories of overcoming extreme adversity, this book is one people can call on every day of the year for the inspiration they need to live a magnificent life.

Co-Author Jatinder Singh:

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible:

Inspiration comes from within. If one is inspired to do something, then their is passion and drive behind it. It does not require motivation, it is self driven. If this book helps people get inspired about life and ignite that inner spark, then I’m all in for that.

About Jatinder

Jatinder has worked within the Internet industry for over 10 years, focusing on digital strategy , implementation and marketing and more recently, with the growth of social media, online reputation management. Jatinder’s career spans IT, Internet marketing and website production experience within major organisations including  The Tetley Group and Sun Microsystems, a fortune 500 company. Helping create subject matter experts and taking small to medium sized businesses online, is one of Jatinder’s real passions, as is helping them to grow and maintain a top notch online reputation amongst their customers and consumers. Jatinder has been an digital entrepreneur since 2005 and has helped hundreds of business take their offline business online producing measurable results whilst building a reputation of trust, integrity and loyalty at the same time infusing these attributes into the mindset of his clients so they develop a reputable brand online. One niche he enjoys is the personal development industry. Jatinder is a certified master practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and holds a degree in information systems (BSc from Brunel University). He is also a co-author of ‘Multiple Streams of Inspiration’ volumes 2 & 3 and The Art & Science of Success vol 6. With this background in personal development technique and technology, Jatinder is able to provide clients with strategic internet solutions in plain, commercially focused speak – not highly complex technological jargon.

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