Names of the children of Guru Sahibaans

Names of the children of Guru sahibaans:

1) Guru Nanak Dev ji had two boys
– Baba Sri Chand ji
– Baba LachmanChand ji

2) Guru Angad Dev Ji had two boys and two girl’s.
The names of the boys
– Baba Daasu ji
– Baba Daatu ji
– The names of the Girls
– Bebe Amaro ji
– Bebe Anokhee ji

3) Guru Amar Das Ji also had two boys
and two girls.
The names of the boys
– Baba Mohan ji
– Baba Mohree ji
– The names of the girls Bebe Bhaani ji and Bebe Daahni ji

4) Guru Ram Das Ji had three boys.
Their names
– Baba Prethee Chand ji, Baba MahaDav ji
– Guru Arjan Dev ji

5) Guru Arjan Dev Ji had one boy. His name was Guru Hargobind Ji.

6) Guru Hargobind Ji had five boys and one girl.
Their names were as follows:-
– Baba Gurditta ji
– Baba Surjmall ji
– Baba Ani Rai ji
– Baba Atal ji
– Guru Tegh Bahadur ji
– and the Girl’s name was Bebe Viro ji.

Baba Gurditta ji had two boys. Their names
– Dhirmal and
– Guru Har Rai ji

7) Guru Har Rai ji had two boys and one adopted girl.
Their names were
– Baba Ram Rai Ji
– Guru Harkrishan ji. The girl’s name was
– Bebe Roop kaur Ji

8) Guru Harkrishan ji

9) Guru Tegh Bahadur ji had one son. His name was
– Guru Gobind Singh ji

10) Guru Gobind Singh ji had four boys. They were

– Baba Ajit Singh ji
– Baba Jujhar Singh ji
– Baba Zoravar Singh ji
– Baba Fateh Singh ji

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