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Gyan Khand Media feel there is serious void of ignorance in this world about the Sikhs and Sikhism. Not many are aware about our beautiful philosophy and values, our history of sacrifices and seva, and our ceaseless struggle against oppression. Under the Sikh Comics project, Gyan Khand are publishing inspiring and authentic Sikh stories illustrated in color comic books. These books are not only appropriate for kids but also great lessons in various facets of Sikh history for adults.

Gyan Khand humbly ask for your blessings and your assistance in bringing these books to people all over India and rest of the world.

  • Please tell your friends and your Gurudwara sangat about the books.
  • If you write a blog or have a facebook page, please write about these comics.
  • If you know someone who may become our reseller, please tell him or her about us. We offer attractive bulk purchase discounts.
  • Please lend your copy to your non-Sikh friends, co-workers and neighbours so that they may learn about Sikh history, values and philosophy.

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Daljeet Singh
(Publisher & Writer)

GyanKhand Media
Chandigarh, India

USA: +1 408 914 2858 (voice mail)  India: +91 981 569 6992

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