Bruce Lee is Alive!!!


We at Sikh Entrepreneur are proud to announce that today, Lakhbinder (Lak) Loi, a Physical and Mental Cultivation Coach, specializing in Personal Development inspired by the legendary Bruce Lee, announced the launch of his new book,

Master Your Life, Lak Loi‘Master Your Life,

The Art of Martial Mind Power,

9 Steps to Self-Mastery Inspired by Bruce Lee.’

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Lak has cleverly architected and engineered this book not just for martial artists and martial art school owners who can license the programme to teach in their own schools, but also for non-martial artists such as self-helpers, martial arts and action movie buffs, Bruce Lee fans, and personal development coaches.

Lak believes that it was Bruce Lee’s ‘Mind Power’ that made him distinct from every other martial artist.

It was, in fact, the philosophical framework Lee developed and utilized that allowed him to effectively overcome the adversities, problems and challenges he faced in his life and actualize his true potential as a martial artist, cinematic superstar, and perhaps most important of all, as a human being.

Lak also found he shared a commonality with Bruce Lee, that of a burning desire to share the Secrets of the martial philosophical principles, and utilize them with as many people as possible in the hope of helping to make the world we live in a better place for everyone, by leading people to their own self-mastery.  Lak calls the secret martial philosophical principles ‘Martial Mind Power’ and the process of your own self-mastery, ‘Master Your Life’.

In Bruce Lee’s own words, ‘Self conquest is the greatest of victories. Mighty is he who conquers himself.

In his new book, Lak has masterfully taken many of the philosophical principles and concepts utilized by Bruce Lee in his process of self-actualization, synthesized them with the most modern research dealing with learning and personal development, pioneered martial action-based mind re-programming techniques, and created a book that can enrich people’s lives, lead them to new vistas of personal growth, and allow them to raise their level of living to an art form.

Loi has a direct lineage to Bruce Lee himself, being a third generation instructor in Jeet Kune Do, and also runs a flagship JKD school in The City of London  The purpose of Lak’s martial arts school is to:

‘Preserve and promote Bruce Lee’s martial art and philosophy of Jeet Kune Do, To help define and teach the core curriculum, Not to confine us but to liberate us, and To discover our personal expression of Bruce’s martial art and philosophy.’

Lak’s personal mission statement is:

‘My chief definite purpose is to educate, inspire and empower people, So that they can live life to its truest potential… So they can align themselves towards their personal liberation, self-actualisation and achieve their personal success goals.’

In addition to his martial artistry and Jeet Kune Do instruction, Loi holds a Bachelors Honours degree in Computer Science/Software Engineering from The University of Birmingham, is a fully qualified Personal Trainer, CrossFit Coach, and consults in The City of London and on Wall Street… a true white collar warrior.

Sikh Entrepreneur would like to wish Lak every success with Master Your Life and his Martial Mind Power program of personal development.  Keep helping people to see ‘all the heavenly glory’ that is out there, and thanks for keeping BRUCE LEE’s spirit ALIVE!

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Peace and respect

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