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What began as a collection of thirty six photographs of British Sikh men, has evolved with the addition of thirty eight American Sikh men and women. As a result, what was The Singh Project, has become The Sikh Project.

The aim is to combine the U.K and U.S photographs and make ‘The Sikh Project’ book.

Why make a book?

Amit and Naroop say the Aim is to raise awareness on topics and issues that we feel passionate about through our work. The Sikh Project is close to our heart. A marriage of our faith and skill, it represents our identity as British born photographers and our Punjabi, Sikh roots. 

We believe identity is what makes us. It is who we are. We should celebrate this with pride.

We want these images, which show the beauty of the Sikh identity, to live on for generations to come. These are the images that were seen by millions. These are the images that became a piece of history.

But, equally important are the stories behind these individuals. The subject’s stories of perseverance, progress and determination need to remembered. They need to shared. This book will do exactly that.

The Book

The Sikh Project book will be a culmination of three years of research, production, shooting and editing. It will take you on a journey from conception, execution to reactions.

Each of the seventy four photographs will be accompanied with words from the subjects as they tell their stories. What does their turban mean to them? How does it makes them feel? How do people perceive them? Why is their identity important?

The book will be 10.5” x 11.25” in size. It will be high quality, with a hard cover and dust jacket and will be approximately 128 pages.

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