How Do I Get My Dream Business Started Today?

By Business Mentor Sukhi Wahiwala

As a successful Serial Entrepreneur, In my early teens, I came up with my first business idea. It was essentially a Retail Store concept that would sell and install high end premium In-Car Electrical items into distinguished customers cars. The idea would never have taken off if I didn’t know how to raise the seed capital of around £40K to start my venture. Which for a new first time Entrepreneur would clearly be a huge amount of money to raise; and critical to creating a successful and robust business.

Now in my case, i was very lucky to be born into a family of highly structured and successful Business people. My Grandfather was an educated man,, but he chose to turn to business to bring in the capital needed to bring up his children (my father, Uncles & Aunts). He clearly was a natural Entrepreneur with big visions and insight. Post the end of the Second World War he imported leather Shoes & Sandals to the UK shores from India, a country that was under the British Raj at that time. My father’s older brother was in the UK retail groceries trade in the late 1940′s post the Independence of India. The most influential person in my life was and is my father, who as a qualified Electrical Engineer, created a business empire during the 1960′s through to the mid 1990′s!

So, in my case it was totally logical that I went to my Personal mentor and Coach my father, and showed him my business idea; to which he IMMEDIATELY just started to roll off the ways that i could raise the capital and plan for the future in his own natural & Profound way! I followed his Priceless Step by Step advice and launched my brand called ‘ICE Direct’ into the market. The company grew exponentially and we became the Pioneers in mail-order through the 90′s; and in the 2000′s we hit unparalleled heights in the audio industry as One of the most Innovative, Largest and Reputable Independent Car Audio Retailers in the UK!

Thinking back, I can’t help but wonder how things would’ve been different if I didn’t have my Proven Mentor; or if I knew nothing about raising capital to start my Business Idea; What If i had had no support from my father in mind and strategies to raise the capital & create a focussed plan of action? What would I have done?! I strongly believe YOU should have a personal Coach & Mentor & Group to create the step by step action plan and valuable Ongoing Support to unleash your true potential!

This is why ‘The Wafflers Lodge’ was masterminded by myself Sukhi, Chris, Toby and James to create this Support network for as many New Start Up Business Ideas as we can. We believe that everyone should have the same opportunity to receive the Vital advice and structure that I did when I started my first Multi-million Pound Venture! Due to us being only Four people we have had to make access to The Wafflers Lodge by exclusive invitation only!!

Most of us have been to an NLP training, life coaching course or a motivational seminar and the general theme is that you can achieve anything you put your mind to. You just got to have what it takes! This I believe is absolutely true. However this isn’t the complete story.

Before you get all enthusiastic, start roaring loudly and bouncing off walls with excitement because you know you got what it takes to make your dream come true, there is a question you might want to ask yourself first.

Do you KNOW what it takes to make your dreams come true?

I believe the reason why many entrepreneur don’t succeed in launching their businesses is because they don’t really know what it takes step by step to make it happen. We were all excited, enthusiastic and ready to do whatever it takes. But luckily I had a coach & a mentor at hand! So I knew exactly what it was that I had to action!

I wanted to ask you this question – if you had a Personal Business Coach & Mentor how could this help you?

Everyone that knew me as a young child, knew that all I wanted to be was a Racing Car Driver. As a young man ready to take action, I set my mind on discovering what it entailed to become a Racing Driver first. Following a moderate amount of research and finding out all about the gruelling physical regimes that the drivers have to live by I knew that this wasn’t for me. Yes, I Voluntarily Abandoned what I once thought was my biggest dream ever. Believe me, this saved me a lot of trouble and heartache! I satisfactorily concluded that being a Racing Driver wasn’t for me and then happily moved on to find something else that I knew I’d enjoy more. Thankfully, I was a part of a Support Network (my family) which helped me Quickly realise that my true Destiny in life was to be a Successful Entrepreneur!

So before you dive in head first in your new venture, here are some simple steps you can follow to ensure that your are moving toward your success:

– Define your ultimate goal, the idea that gets you all excited and enthusiastic.
– Figure out what it takes to make it happen being it skills, resources, sacrifices etc.
– After collecting the facts, you now can decide whether this is something you really want to pursue.
– If not, have the courage to abandon it and move on to something you know you can commit to.
– If yes, great! Start working on it immediately and make it come true with a Support Network at hand!

You see, when we think of rock stars, gold medal Olympians or billionaires we only see the end result. However many fail to estimate the magnitude of work these spectacular individuals put on the path to achieving such magnificent results. Once you figure out exactly what it takes to make it happen, you’re in a better and more strategic place to make an informed decision on whether this is something for you, or not. And if you decide it is, chances are you’ll be more equipped to make it happen then.

Enthusiasm and great energy are essential requirements on your way to success, but they’re not enough. Before you dive in head first, educate yourself on what it takes to achieve your goals, research what is essential to make things happen and then once you decide this is for you, enthusiastically and excitedly get on track. So with this Powerful Opportunity to Work Exclusively with Some of the Industries Top Mentors And Coaches with a track history; by becoming a member of ‘The Wafflers Lodge’ why not show your commitment to your future and be in a stronger position to Succeed Today! And who knows, maybe you’ll end up being the Founder/Creator of the next Worlds Business Success Story!

By Business Mentor Sukhi Wahiwala

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