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NmandBobbyRaj and Nim Rainu are co-founders of Rainu Legal Consultants. As a young, dynamic husband and wife team, they have brought their professional skills together to provide a unique service in the UK specialising in Wills, Probate and Estate Planning. The aim of their business is to educate and provide Sikh communities in the UK with advice and services to protect their wealth and property both in the UK and overseas.

Nim has an LLB Law with Criminology (hons) degree from Keele University. Having completed her legal training, Nim fell into conveyancing and commercial property. Having enjoyed three years as a successful young Sikh professional, Nim was made redundant due to the recession of 2008 and found out she was pregnant with their first child. Not knowing how to enter back into the legal profession and also be a mum to Naveen (born June 2009), Nim decided to re-train and obtained a licence to provide freelance Wills and Estate planning services. As the business grew, Nim and Raj found a niche in the market. There were no Punjabi speaking legal professional providing private client advice and services, and this together with lack of education, was a major factor as to why most Sikh families did not have a Will or protected their family wealth.

Raj has a background in Recruitment and Business Development. Using these skills, Raj has helped Rainu Legal Consultants go from strength to strength. Raj’s moto is always ‘to give back’ and be thankful and proud of our culture and heritage and to use this to our fullest potential. Nim and Raj are Punjabi speaking professionals who can provide wealth preservation services and ‘give back’ to our community.

The couple enjoy fundraising and have worked with Sikh charities such as Sikh Aid International and Sikh Health. Raj has recently raised over £500 for Sikh Aid International by completing the 10K Wolf Run in Warwickshire. They are also active members of a non-profitable organisation British Asian Business and Professionals Association (BABPA). Nim’s dad and uncles together with other professionals were the founders of the organisation in the 1990s. Today, Nim and Raj are ‘giving back’ to their local community through BABPA to promote health, social and cultural education.

In his spare time, Raj enjoys reading, running, Krav Maga and weightlifting. Nim likes cooking, fine art, and spending quality time with their 2 daughters Naveen who is 4 years old and Avaani who is 2 months old. As well as this she also runs a hair, makeup and mendhi business!

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