Vision Care Charity for Homeless People

“Vision Care for Homeless People” is a charity set-up to provide eyecare services to homeless and other vulnerable people in an accessible and friendly environment in which they feel safe, welcome and comfortable.

Imagine if everything you saw was out of focus, how would your life be affected? Now imagine if you were homeless and couldn’t see…… Click here to watch a short video to find out about the work Vision Care for Homeless People carries out and its impact on many vulnerable lives.

Homeless people may not know that when receiving financial benefits that they are eligible for an NHS eye examination and voucher towards spectacles. Even if they do know this very few practices will make spectacles totally free of charge and even a small charge may be unmanageable. We provide a fully comprehensive, high quality service totally free of charge.

We aim to preserve, protect and promote the ocular health of homeless and vulnerable people in the UK who are unwilling or unable to access mainstream services available through the NHS. We include screening of ocular health and the provision of spectacles, that meets the immediate visual needs of our beneficiaries.

Headed by Harinder Singh Paul – Managing Director – An Optometrist who works part time in private practice and an Entrepreneur with various business interests. He was first inspired to create the charity in 2002 during his travels to the poor townships in South Africa. In January 2003 he created a team to bring his idea into reality and in September 2003 VCHP was born.


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